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We perform consulting work and development of my for customers worldwide, giving personal attention to each client.


Nuestra historia

For over 15 years we have worked with large companies some of which are: HP, Sun Microsystems, SOPRA, BANC SABADELL, FUJITSU, BULL, ALTIA, IECISAentre other important projects very relevant customers both nationally and internationally some of the which they are: TELEFONICA, VODAFONE, MERCADONA, euipo, BANC SABADELL among others.
In all these years we have gained experience and adding value to every project we’ve been there.

2015, Alicante: We begin a new era, the beginning of an impressive promise Carlos, Roberto, Jesus, founded SWAMEDIDA. A company specializing in creating software applications based on mobile and web company. Our mission is to deliver applications to end users in proportion to their needs and to create own applications based on the quality and ingenuity.

We also offer consulting and management services for SMEs and large enterprises. We are not commercial, we have a technical background, so we enter into each of the projects in which we participate. Our suggestions and inquiries for any questions and our email is always open to serve our customers. We want to provide ease and proximity on the network to be near them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are growing by the day, both sales and user confidence in the Internet. This fills us with pride and encourages us to strengthen us to work also to be better every day, always to the benefit of our customers.


Nuestra visión

We are a company based tenológica where all coofundadores took more than 15 years working in various positions in the field of systems and development in various companies. This accumulated experience we transladado our company and offer our experience and quality of service to our customers.

We do not outsource our services to third parties. The projects undertaken by our technicians are done by our own staff.

Our greatest asset is the workers who make SWAMEDIDA. We believe in quality employment for our workers, a happy worker renders it in their daily lives and in their involvement with the projects in part, transmitting their attitude to the work done for our clients.

Offer is the chance to work with us by the method of Teleworking or remote work from our headquarters in Alicante, although we are open to move promptly for follow-up meetings or if the situation requires. Remote work entails for the contracting companies many advantages:

  • Improved employee retention
  • Steady rise in productivity
  • Less loss of traffic hours
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Savings in office space, maintenance and safety
  • Cost reduction in environmental impact by using services and car accidents.
  • Contact employees
  • Lack of proper communication between other employees or customers
  • Possible delay in customer service



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